createit studio shy barmeli

Beauty Battle

who will beat the king of style?!

play date

Play Date

whos’ house is more fun?!

Cash Stuck

Blow your money away!

Raid The Cage

Can you get out before the gate closes?!

Young Love

Your dreaded first date becomes child’s play


Who can beat the masters?!

Point Of You

Reality like never seen before

Road Trip

It’s a long road to fame

Pull Over

Pull  over and win a car!


A game show that’s going to make you run

Family Tour

Family ties tested to the limit by talent

Sofa Survivors

Can you really survive on virtual love?

Home Remedies

Because grandma knows best!

5 Things

You can’t live without!

Shoot me if I’m wrong

Keep your hands up if you know the answer

The Street Renovators

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Trivia Train

Catch the train or catch the money