Selfie is an outdoors smart game show for the Smartphone age. Two teams of four are competing against each other in a battle of 5 rounds. A question is given simultaneously to each team’s street player via a text message (the other teammates do not see the question.)

After receiveing the text, the street player needs to supply the correct answer by taking a selfie with it and send it to the team!

Now, it’s the teams job to guess the correct answer. But remember, the team cannot see the question!

The correct answer should be found in the vicinity of the shooting location. Only the first team to guess the correct answer wins a point.
After it is approved – the two street players ges another selfie question.

The first team to achieve 3 correct selfies qualifies for the final round where they can win the grand cash prize.

A game show that’s going to make you run

Select subtitles by clicking on the CC icon on the bottom right side of the player