• Shy Barmeli
    Shy BarmeliFounder & CEO

    Shy is the Founder of the studio, he has a master’s degree in filmmaking from the University of Haifa and is the winner of the 2014 “Formagination” competition with his original format “Drop you family“. Creator of several formats sold worldwide: “Raid the Cage”, “Pull Over” and “Shoot me if I’m wrong”. He was a Content consultant at Sony World, and was chosen as one of the ‘40 most promising young talents’ by Forbes magazine.
    Shy is a bad poker player but if you want him to like you, a PlayStation challenge will do the trick.

  • Ori Dror
    Ori DrorCreative Director

    Ori is one of the leading Israeli content editors who is responsible for a number of prime time television programs. Ori co-developed and edited many international formats, previous works include “The Million Pound Drop”, “Raid the Cage” &”Boom“.

    Ori can’t throw a ball if his life depended on it, but if you want him to like you, tickets to a soccer game will do the trick.

  • Liz Bar
    Liz BarMarketing Director

    Liz has a BA in filmmaking and a postgraduate in Audiovisual Editing from UPF in Barcelona. Liz has recently returned to Israel after spending 7 years in Costa Rica and Spain, she plans to expand the footprint of Createit Studio internationally as well as head the development of our new scripted department.
    Liz doesn’t eat meat, but if you want to make her like you, videos of free happy cows and funny cats will do the trick.

  • Eitan Sabag
    Eitan SabagHead of Legal Services

    With years of experience in Intellectual Property and Format legal services, Eitan represents many of the leading artists and creators in Israel in the television industry. Eitan is an early bird and won’t talk to you before he’s had his morning coffee, but if you want him to like you, a chocolate cheese cake will do the trick.

  • Tzlil Kachka
    Tzlil KachkaProduction Manger

    Tzlil manages the production budgets and is the studio’s production magician. Tzlil has a BA in Communications from the University of Ariel, she is also a reserve soldier in the IDF’s Search and Rescue unit.
    Tzlil is a horrible baker, but if you want her to like you, a chocolate soufflé will do the trick.