Createit Studio is an innovative platform for the exploration of new ideas and development of TV formats that appeal to a worldwide audience.

The studio also serves as a meeting place for young art enthusiasts in Israel. We encourage creative minds to join a collaborative team to brainstorm, receive input and exchange ideas. In addition, young creative are provided the opportunity to receive guidance about financing, seek legal advice, and be mentored in the development of TV shows and documentaries. Shy Brameli states, “The wisdom is to produce a lot with minimum resources.”

For relatively new players in the field, Createit Studio’s Shy Barmeli & Ori Dror have managed to create a huge splash in the television scene with hit formats such as “Raid the Cage“, “Pull Over“, “Point of You”, “Selfie” and “Shoot me if I’m wrong”.

As avid followers of advances in technology and global trends, our team of creators constantly strives to use transmedia storytelling to develop engaging TV formats that can appeal to any territory, language and age group. We believe in being new trend setters and we’re always eager to show the world the next big thing!