Four musical giants leave the comfort of their offices and big cities and embark on a national musical road-trip to seek, search, meet and hopefully find the best hidden talents the country has to offer.

A 30 days long musical journey, but also a real journey that will take them back to where it all started to the small towns, villages, not the places they are used to, to re-connect to the real people, and stay at home talents, that will never be discovered unless somebody comes knocking on their doors.

It will not be a peaceful journey but a race, a battle between them to be the first to recognize and recruit the best. They will have to be quick, smart; hard working, persuasive to locate the selected best that are hidden among the many who think they can.

Along the way they will bond, make strong connections, just like any journey does, but then will be forced to take hard decision to only keep the very best. It will a journey that will teach them a lesson to.

it is a long road to fame

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