Smasters is a trivia game show which consists of 4 permanent “masters” which are exeptionally qualified to answer questions based on knowledge in various trivia topics, and changing game-show participants that team up in couples and try to beat the masters. The couples have a few advantages over the masters. They have more time to answer each question, they are a team apposing one, and in the first round they come up with the topic. For example, a couple can challenge the master with any topic they choose before the show, for example “Seinfeld”. Before the duel, the master picks up a random suitcase without having any knowledge of the amount of money that is in the suitcase. If the couple wins, they can take the money and leave, or play against another master. If the couple chooses to continues to the second round, they get to pick a topic out of three given subjects. If the couple beats the second master, they can decide to quit the game and take the money or play against another master in a topic of their choice out of two given subjects. If they beat the third master, and decide to keep playing, the will play against the fourth and last master in a general trivia, with no specific topic. If they lose at any point, the masters will have to compete against each other for the money in the suitcase, in the masters’ round.

Who can beat the masters?!

Select subtitles by clicking the CC icon on the bottom right side of the player