Travel blog: The airport train, the terminal in Rome and the meetings at Cannes

arriving at mip

We are back in Nice!

We started our first day of the “glamorous world of television” with a 3:00am airport train ride. As per usual, Shy lost his train ticket which resulted in our own version of “Raid the cage”, with us trying to escape the station with just one ticket and all of our language in tow without being detected by the sleepy guard. In the end it was a sweeping success!
Once again, we were on our way to MIP, the biggest television convention in the world, held on the cost of Cannes in the beautiful French Riviera. This year our connection flight landed in Italy, but alas, this time around our seat partner on the flight was not the enchanting Yaara Feltzing like last year. Instead we got a chatty older lady that loves to complain while spreading pretzel crumbs all over Shy and occasionally elbowing Ori whenever he accidently dozed off from her riveting stories. Oh, and she snored too. Loudly…

on the plane

Our plane ride partner

We finally landed in Rome, and after boarding 3 airport busses and speed-walking a distance that would put professional cross-country athletes to shame, we made it!!! Late… to the wrong gate…
We only managed to settle our heart rates when we finally landed in Nice. Outside the terminal a driver waited to take us straight to the hotel, all along the ride we wouldn’t stop talking about who has a better soccer team and how the Tel-Aviv coast line is the Middle East’s version of the Riviera.
At the hotel we were delighted to run into Thorsten Jung from Endemol-Shine Group, the same guy that ended up being or guinea pig during our presentation for “Shoot me if I’m wrong” two months ago in Jaffa Israel. He updated us that the format goddess Virginia Mouseler presented our format “Soft Landing”. And he had more news, Armoza’s “I can do that” won 3rd place in the format competition, and Gili Golan was among the top 5 of MIP’s pitching contest. We couldn’t quite figure out where his vast knowledge of the achievements of Israeli representatives at MIP comes from, so we decided it must be his memorable visit to Jaffa two months ago that stroked his interest.
After a quick change of clothes we went straight to our first batch of back to back meetings. Several espresso shots and painful handshakes later we went back to the hotel for some much needed sleep before the real work begun the following morning.

To be continued…

At MIP for the 2nd time around

At MIP for the 2nd time around

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