From idea to format: Pull Over


The good all days…


Remember the good old days when you proudly roamed the neighborhood in your first car that you purchased with your hard earned money?

Of course the car in my dreams looked nothing like the one I could actually afford to buy… As most teenagers my age, I ended up spending more time at the beach than actually holding down a summer job, but all considered, I think I did pretty well.

My prized first car was a beat up old Ford Festiva that you could hear from down the block, it smelled like wet diapers and rust, but I loved it.


My beat up first car

I would often get pulled over by police because the headlights tended to turn off. The fact that the motor sounded like forks tumbling in a washing machine didn’t help. Between negotiating traffic tickets I used to fantasize about miraculously getting a brand new car.

A couple of years ago, I got pulled over by a cop again (this time for speeding) and remembered with amusement my early encounters with traffic police (hoping with all my heart there is a statute of limitations on traffic violations….). A sharp elbow nudge from my wife brought me back to reality and I proceeded to answer what felt like an endless series of questions, only to be handed a ticket with a hefty fine in the end.

So that night I put pen to paper and rewrote reality! Instead of answering annoying cop questions I would be answering trivia questions! And instead of getting a traffic ticket I could actually win a brand new car! And so “Pull Over” was born. Being pulled over by a cop doesn’t have to ruin your day anymore!


Do you also have a beat up car you wish you could throw in the dumpster? Share your photos with us!



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